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An icon (from the Greek εἰκών eikṓn "image", "resemblance") is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, in the cultures of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodoxy, the Roman Catholic, and certain Eastern Catholic churches. The most common subjects include Christ, Mary, saints and angels. Although especially associated with "portrait" style images concentrating on one or two main figures, the term also covers most religious images in a variety of artistic media produced by Eastern Christianity, including narrative scenes. Icons can represent various scenes in the Bible.
Icons may also be cast in metal, carved in stone, embroidered on cloth, painted on wood, done in mosaic or fresco work, printed on paper or metal, etc. Comparable images from Western Christianity are generally not classified as "icons", although "iconic" may be used to describe a static style of devotional image.
Eastern Orthodox tradition holds that the production of Christian images dates back to the very early days of Christianity, and that it has been a continuous tradition since then. Modern academic art history considers that, while images may have existed earlier, the tradition can be traced back only as far as the 3rd century, and that the images which survive from Early Christian art often differ greatly from later ones. The icons of later centuries can be linked, often closely, to images from the 5th century onwards, though very few of these survive. Widespread destruction of images occurred during the Byzantine Iconoclasm of 726–842, although this did settle permanently the question of the appropriateness of images. Since then icons have had a great continuity of style and subject; far greater than in the images of the Western church. At the same time there has been change and development.
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Britney Spears

Britney Spears

American singer-songwriter

  • Desc: Britney Jean Spears is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she appeared in stage productions and television series, before signing with Jive Records in 1997.
  • URL: http://www.britneyspears.com/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britney_Spears
  • Type: Person, Thing
  • Result Score: 1347.81

The Program

2015 film

ICON plc


  • Type: Thing, Corporation, Organization
  • Result Score: 851.94


City in Turkey

  • Desc: Konya is a major city in south-western edge of the Central Anatolian Plateau and is the seventh-most-populous city in Turkey with a metropolitan population of over 2.1 million.
  • URL: http://www.konya.gov.tr/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konya
  • Type: Thing, City, AdministrativeArea, Place
  • Result Score: 816.69


Roller coaster in Blackpool, England

  • Desc: ICON is a launched roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Manufactured by Mack Rides of Germany, the ride opened on 25 May 2018 at a total cost of £16.25 million.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(roller_coaster)
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 812.59
Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification

Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification



Compilation album by Ja Rule

The Iconic

Fashion company

  • Desc: The Iconic is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion and sports retailer. The company was launched in 2011 and is one of Australia’s largest fashion, sportswear and kidswear destinations.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Iconic
  • Type: Thing, Corporation, Organization
  • Result Score: 450.92
Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

American professional wrestler

Lee Kwang-soo

Lee Kwang-soo

South Korean actor

  • Desc: Lee Kwang-soo is a South Korean actor, entertainer, and model. He made his acting debut in the sitcom Here He Comes. He then received further recognition for his roles in medical melodrama It's Okay, That's Love
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Kwang-soo
  • Type: Person, Thing
  • Result Score: 365.19
Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

American singer



  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 279.87


High-rise building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Desc: The 1616 Walnut Street Building or 1616 Building is a historic high-rise building in the Center City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 24-story building stands 94 meters tall.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1616_Walnut_Street_Building
  • Type: Thing, CivicStructure, LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings, Place
  • Result Score: 194.91


American professional wrestler


2005 film

  • Desc: Icon is a 2005 made-for-television thriller film directed by Charles Martin Smith and very loosely based on the novel by Frederick Forsyth. The film premiered on Hallmark Channel May 30, 2005. It is set in the period 1985 to 1999.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(film)
  • Type: Thing, Movie
  • Result Score: 163.78


TV network

  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 136.03


Girl group

  • Desc: Icons or 7Icons is an Indonesian electropop girl group formed on 28 October 2010. The group currently has three members: Gc, Natly, and Chacha The group's debut single was "Playboy".
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7icons
  • Type: Thing, MusicGroup
  • Result Score: 122.83


Municipality in Brazil

  • Desc: Iconha is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Its population was 13,788 and its area is 204 km².
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iconha
  • Type: City, Place, Thing
  • Result Score: 86.11
Heroes & Icons

Heroes & Icons

Broadcasting television network

  • Desc: Heroes & Icons is an American digital broadcast television network owned by Weigel Broadcasting. Primarily carried on the digital subchannels of its affiliated television station in most markets, it primarily airs classic television series from the 1950s through the 2000s, with a focus on westerns, crime dramas, sci-fi, and action-oriented programming geared toward male audiences.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes_%26_Icons
  • Type: Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 84.23


Compilation album by Limp Bizkit

  • Desc: Icon is the third compilation album by American rap rock band Limp Bizkit. Released in 2011, it is a retrospective compiling material from the band's albums Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, Results May Vary and The Unquestionable Truth.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(Limp_Bizkit_album)
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 69.37

The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kiss

Album by Kiss


Web development company

  • Desc: CivicPlus is a web development business headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, United States, which specializes in "building city and county e-government communication systems."
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CivicPlus
  • Type: Thing, Corporation, Organization
  • Result Score: 59.60


Fictional superhero

  • Desc: Icon is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, one of the headline characters introduced by Milestone Media in the 1990s.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(comics)
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 54.12


Compilation album by Queen

  • Desc: Icon is a compilation album by British rock band Queen, released on 11 June 2013 by Hollywood Records. The album was only released in the United States and Canada as a limited edition release.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(Queen_album)
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 51.65

ICon Festival

Film festival

Best of Puddle of Mudd

Compilation album by Puddle Of Mudd

Mel Tanur

Musical artist

  • Type: Person, Thing
  • Result Score: 30.67


Compilation album by Billy Currington

  • Desc: Icon is a compilation album by American country music artist Billy Currington. It was released on March 22, 2011. It is part of a series of similar Icon albums released by Universal Music Enterprises.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(Billy_Currington_album)
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 30.52


Song by Jaden Smith

  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 25.30


Musical group

  • Type: Thing, MusicGroup
  • Result Score: 24.12


Album by Ghostface Killah

  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 23.70



  • Desc: The 67.50 m superyacht Icon was launched by ICON Yachts at their yard in Harlingen. The interior design of Icon was done by Studio Linse and the exterior work was done by Redman Whiteley Dixon.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(yacht)
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 23.23

Icon Comics

Publishing company

  • Desc: Icon Comics is an imprint of Marvel Comics for creator-owned titles, designed to keep select "A-list" creators producing for Marvel rather than seeing them take creator-owned work to other publishers.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_Comics
  • Type: Organization, Corporation, Thing
  • Result Score: 21.65


Studio album by Doug Anthony All Stars

  • Desc: DAAS Icon is the first and only studio album recorded and released by Australian comedy trio, the Doug Anthony All Stars. Released in 1990, it features the singles "I Want to Spill the Blood of a Hippy" and "Bottle".
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAAS_Icon
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 21.47


Compilation album by Bryan Adams

  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 19.41


Studio album by Geoff Downes and John Wetton

  • Desc: Icon is a studio album recorded and released by Asia band members John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes in 2005. It is the first in the Icon series See also Icon II: Rubicon. The third Icon album is Icon 3.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(Wetton_and_Downes_album)
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 15.25

Icon: The Best of Erykah Badu

Compilation album by Erykah Badu

  • Desc: ICON: The Best of Erykah Badu is a compilation album by American R&B artist Erykah Badu, released in August 2010 under Universal Motown. It's the first compilation of Badu's hit songs throughout her music career.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon:_The_Best_of_Erykah_Badu
  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 13.48



  • Desc: Icon is an American heavy metal/glam metal band that formed in 1979, disbanding in 1990. Icon has fully reformed as of 2008, currently consisting of three-fifths of the classic lineup: Dan Wexler, Stephen Clifford, and John Aquilino, along with Dave Henzerling and Gary Bruzzese.
  • URL: http://www.myspace.com/officialiconpage
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icon_(band)
  • Type: Thing, MusicGroup
  • Result Score: 13.37

Icon: DMX

Compilation album by DMX

  • Type: MusicAlbum, Thing
  • Result Score: 12.87


2018 film

  • Desc: RBG is a 2018 American documentary film directed and produced by Betsy West and Julie Cohen, focusing on the life and career of the second female Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RBG_(film)
  • Type: CreativeWork, Thing, Movie
  • Result Score: 12.02



  • Type: Thing, Corporation, Organization
  • Result Score: 10.89

20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Michael Jackson

Compilation album by Michael Jackson

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