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AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres

Entertainment company



Cable channel

  • Desc: AMC is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by it namesake AMC Networks. The channel's programming, similar to that of FXM, primarily consists of theatrically released films, along with a limited amount of original programming.
  • URL: http://www.amctv.com/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_(TV_channel)
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/03d1v8
  • Type: Corporation, Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 109.57
AMC Networks

AMC Networks


  • Desc: AMC Networks Inc. is an American entertainment company headquartered in 11 Penn Plaza, New York, that owns and operates the cable channels AMC, IFC, WE tv, BBC America, and SundanceTV; the art house movie theater IFC Center in New York City; the independent film company IFC Films; and premium streaming services Sundance Now and Shudder.
  • URL: http://www.amcnetworks.com
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Networks
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/06cg4p
  • Type: Corporation, Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 43.73


Automobile make

AMC Networks International


  • Desc: AMC Networks International is an international media company and distributor of channels, content and video services. The division’s operating companies and business units currently own and operate in joint venture a total of 68 branded TV channels and run a suite of digital, on demand and broadband services in Europe.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Networks_International
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/03cf7fs
  • Type: Corporation, Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 32.62
American Motors Corporation

American Motors Corporation

Automobile company

  • Desc: American Motors Corporation was an American automobile company formed by the 1954 merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S. history.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Motors_Corporation
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/017yws
  • Type: Corporation, Thing, Organization
  • Result Score: 26.02

SES Americom

Commercial company


Automobile make

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0j5zqgx
  • Type: Thing, Brand
  • Result Score: 23.42
AMC Airlines

AMC Airlines

Charter airline



TV company

  • Desc: AMC is a European TV channel launched by AMC Networks International. AMC replaced the MGM Channel on 5 November 2014. AMC-produced dramas Halt & Catch Fire and The Divide are among the first original series that premiered on the channel.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_(Europe)
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0125pgnv
  • Type: Thing, Organization, Corporation, BroadcastChannel
  • Result Score: 22.55

AMC Networks International Southern Europe




  • Desc: AMC-3 is a commercial broadcast communications satellite owned by SES World Skies, part of SES S.A. Launched on September 4, 1997, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, AMC-3 is a hybrid C-band/Kᵤ-band satellite.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-3
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/08h0tc
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 21.06



  • Desc: AMC-1 was a geosynchronous communications satellite operated by SES S.A., as part of the AMC fleet acquired from GE Americom in 2001. It was a hybrid C Band/Kᵤ band spacecraft currently located at 103° west, serving the USA, Mexico, Caribbean and Canada. AMC-1 was replaced by the newer SES-3 satellite on 15 July 2011.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-1
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/05myp4m
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 21.02
Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group

Automaker company



  • Desc: AMC-21, or Americom-21, is a communications satellite operated by SES S.A., formerly SES World Skies and SES Americom. It was launched in August 2008 and is expected to remain in service for approximately 15 years.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-21
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/04gltcm
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 20.67



  • Desc: AMC-6, formerly GE-6, is a commercial broadcast communications satellite owned by SES World Skies. Launched on October 21, 2000, from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, AMC-6 became the fifth hybrid C band/Kᵤ band satellite in the GE Americom fleet.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-6
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/02x39w5
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 20.62

AMC 30 Mesquite

Movie theater in Mesquite, Texas

  • Desc: The AMC 30 Mesquite is one of the largest movie theaters in the world, located in Mesquite, Texas, United States at 19919 I-635. It is in the AMC Theatres group. There is also a Fork and Screen dine in theaters with Cinema Suites and MacGuffin's bar and lounge in the theater.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_30_Mesquite
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/07s39zv
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 20.32

Appalachian Mountain Club

Nonprofit organization

  • Desc: Appalachian Mountain Club is the oldest outdoor group in the United States. Created in 1876 to explore and preserve the White Mountains in New Hampshire, it has expanded throughout the northeastern U.S., with 12 chapters stretching from Maine to Washington, D.C.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appalachian_Mountain_Club
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/01c4qp
  • Type: Corporation, Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 20.05



  • Desc: AMC-9 is a commercial broadcast communications satellite owned by SES World Skies, part of SES S.A. Launched on 6 June 2003, from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on the 300th launch of a Proton family rocket, AMC-9 is a hybrid C-band/Kᵤ-band satellite located at 83° West, covering the United States and Mexico.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-9
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/g/1pxxns_t3
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 20.04



  • Desc: AMC-11, previously GE-11, is a Dutch, previously American geostationary communications satellite which is operated by SES World Skies.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-11
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0bwgl7_
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 19.84
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

American television series





  • Desc: GE-2, or AMC-2, is a privately owned American communications satellite launched in 1997. It was the first of the GE Series to be launched outside the United States.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-2
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0107zs8n
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 18.92
AMC Kabuki 8

AMC Kabuki 8

Movie theater in San Francisco, California

AMC Empire 25

AMC Empire 25

Movie theater in New York City, New York

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3fn9r
  • Type: Thing, Place, MovieTheater, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 18.36

AMC 12


  • Desc: Star One C12 is a communications satellite operated by SES S.A with headquarters in Luxembourg. It was built by Thales Alenia Space based on the Spacebus-4000C3 satellite bus, and was launched on 3 February 2005 03:27 UTC by an Proton-M carrier rocket.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_One_C12
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/03z8w2m
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 18.23



  • Desc: AMC-18 is a geostationary Lockheed Martin A2100A communications satellite owned by SES Americom. It was launched on December 8, 2006 from Kourou aboard an Ariane 5 launch vehicle and is situated at 105° west longitude, providing coverage of North America with twenty-four C band transponders of 12-18 watts each.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-18
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0h2t5k
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 18.05

AMC Burbank 16

Movie theater in Burbank, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lfxsbx
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 18.00

AMC Framingham 16

Movie theater in Framingham, Massachusetts

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k56v7g
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 17.78

Columbia Pictures

Film company

  • Desc: Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. is an American film studio, production company and film distributor that is a member of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, a division of Sony Entertainment's Sony Pictures subsidiary of the Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_Pictures
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/017s11
  • Type: TheaterGroup, Organization, Corporation, Thing
  • Result Score: 17.63

AMC Hamilton 24

Movie theater in Hamilton Township, New Jersey

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3pjld
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 17.47

AMC Livonia 20

Movie theater in Livonia, Michigan

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k51b7z
  • Type: Place, Thing, MovieTheater, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 17.43

AMC Eastridge 15

Movie theater in San Jose, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k7n2vc
  • Type: Thing, CivicStructure, Place
  • Result Score: 17.35

AMC Aventura 24

Movie theater in Aventura, Florida

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k2xl0h
  • Type: MovieTheater, Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 17.05

AMC Ahwatukee 24

Movie theater in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0l59yw8
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 16.71

Associated Motor Cycles

Manufacturing company

AMC Bradenton 20

Movie theater in Manatee County, Florida

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0n9pn13
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 16.37

AMC Institute

Nonprofit organization

  • Desc: The AMC Institute is the global membership organization of the association management company, or AMC, industry. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S., AMCI counts as members more than 180 AMC member organizations employing 3,500 people and representing 2.8 million individual members throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Institute
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/g/11byym0dwm
  • Type: Organization, Thing
  • Result Score: 16.30

The Son

American drama series

  • Desc: The Son is an American western drama television series based on the 2013 book of the same name by Philipp Meyer. The show was created and developed by Meyer, Brian McGreevy, and Lee Shipman. A 10-episode season premiered on AMC on April 8, 2017. On May 12, 2017, the series was renewed for a second season.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Son_(TV_series)
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/g/11cm060p0n
  • Type: TVSeries, Thing
  • Result Score: 16.10

AMC Stonebriar 24

Movie theater in Frisco, Texas

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k861ml
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 16.00


Automobile make

  • Desc: Rambler was an automobile brand name used by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company between 1900 and 1914, then by its successor, Nash Motors from 1950 to 1954, and finally by Nash's successor, American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1969 in the United States and 1983 in international markets.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambler_(automobile)
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/017z20
  • Type: Brand, Thing
  • Result Score: 15.95

AMC Sarasota 12

Movie theater in the Vamo, Florida

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k4vr__
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 15.89

AMC Engineering College

College in India

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0cpbkkh
  • Type: Thing, Place, Organization, EducationalOrganization, CollegeOrUniversity
  • Result Score: 15.68

AMC Studio 30

Imax theater in Olathe, Kansas

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0l7s4h6
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 15.41

AMC Networks International UK


AMC Century City 15

Movie theater in Los Angeles, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k2z0yl
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 15.21

AMC Town Center 20

Movie theater in Leawood, Kansas

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lcyfml
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 15.09

América de Cali

Soccer team

AMC River East 21

Movie theater in Chicago, Illinois

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3qgcm
  • Type: CivicStructure, Place, Thing, MovieTheater
  • Result Score: 15.07

AMC Showplace Rockford 16

Movie theater in Rockford, Illinois

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0kgg3cs
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.99

AMC Dental College

College in Ahmedabad, India

  • Desc: AMC Dental College is a dental college in Khokhra, Ahmedabad, India. It is affiliated to Gujarat University and approved by the Dental Council of India. It opened in 2010.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Dental_College
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0j62c1w
  • Type: Thing, Place, CollegeOrUniversity, EducationalOrganization, Organization
  • Result Score: 14.94

AMC Del Amo 18

Movie theater in Torrance, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lnb__r
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.93

AMC Santa Anita 16

Movie theater in Arcadia, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k5lvkl
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 14.92

AMC Burlington Cinema 10

Movie theater in Burlington, Massachusetts

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3rh5j
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.91

AMC Clifton Commons 16

Movie theater in Clifton, New Jersey

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k58ck9
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 14.84

AMC Hoffman Center 22

Movie theater in Alexandria, Virginia

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3tkkg
  • Type: Thing, CivicStructure, Place, MovieTheater
  • Result Score: 14.79

AMC Bay Street 16

Movie theater in Emeryville, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0kgf8gz
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 14.79

AMC Westminster Promenade 24

Movie theater in Westminster, Colorado

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lr24wz
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.65

AMC Concord Mills 24

Movie theater in Concord, North Carolina

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lkc425
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.60
AMC Rolling Hills 20

AMC Rolling Hills 20

Movie theater in Lomita, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0l7n78c
  • Type: Thing, CivicStructure, Place
  • Result Score: 14.57

AMC Elmwood Palace 20

Movie theater in Elmwood, Louisiana

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0ky2l7p
  • Type: CivicStructure, Place, Thing
  • Result Score: 14.54



  • Desc: The AMC-5, originally called GE-5, was a geosynchronous direct-broadcast satellite located at 79 degrees west longitude, operated by SES Americom in the Kᵤ band.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-5
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/05mtbck
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 14.50

AMC Santa Monica 7

Movie theater in Santa Monica, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lf1j75
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.44

AMC Highlands Ranch 24

Movie theater in Colorado

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lgz32r
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.44

AMC Woodlands Square 20

Movie theater in Oldsmar, Florida

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k72f0k
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.32

AMC Owings Mills 17

Movie theater in Owings Mills, Maryland

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k33124
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure, MovieTheater
  • Result Score: 14.31

AMC Mission Valley 20

Movie theater in San Diego, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k3tw2v
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 14.18


Production designer

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0rh8h14
  • Type: Person, Thing
  • Result Score: 14.14

AMC Oakview Plaza 24

Movie theater in Omaha, Nebraska

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lddhyx
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 14.14

AMC MET Medical College

College in Ahmedabad, India

  • Desc: AMC MET Medical College is a medical college in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. The college was established in 2009 and is maintained by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's Medical Education Trust.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_MET_Medical_College
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0jt1cx8
  • Type: Thing, Organization, Place, EducationalOrganization, CollegeOrUniversity
  • Result Score: 14.02

AMC Showplace Schererville 16

Movie theater in Schererville, Indiana

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0l53d_g
  • Type: Place, Thing, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 13.93

AMC Tyler Galleria 16

Movie theater in Riverside, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0kwbsc8
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 13.85

AMC Cupertino Square 16

Movie theater in Cupertino, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k70z6l
  • Type: Thing, MovieTheater, Place
  • Result Score: 13.71

The Prisoner

Television miniseries

AMC Pacific Place 11

Movie theater in Seattle, Washington

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lrlxq2
  • Type: Place, Thing, MovieTheater
  • Result Score: 13.63



  • Desc: AMC-14 is a communications satellite. Initially owned by SES Americom, AMC-14 was designed to be placed in geostationary orbit, following launch on a Proton rocket.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-14
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/03qmgzs
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 13.62
AMC International AG

AMC International AG


Tracer AMC

Rock band

AMC Kent Station 14

Movie theater in Kent, Washington

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lfywg1
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 13.51


Movie theater in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/g/1wfcq4dv
  • Type: MovieTheater, Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 13.38

AMC Trio

Musical group

AMC Sugarloaf Mills 18

Movie theater in the Gwinnett County, Georgia

AMC Theatres, Puente Hills 20

Movie theater in Los Angeles County, California

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lr2253
  • Type: Thing, LocalBusiness, Place
  • Result Score: 13.28

Emmanuel Lubezki

Mexican cinematographer

Guaratinguetá Futebol

Soccer club

AMC Lennox Town Center 24

Movie theater in Franklin County, Ohio

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0kgr4c0
  • Type: Thing, CivicStructure, Place
  • Result Score: 13.08

Kiss AMC

Musical group

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/g/1239ctjb
  • Type: MusicGroup, Thing
  • Result Score: 12.97

AMC Institutions


  • Desc: AMC Institutions is an educational institution in Bangalore, India. It consists of: AMC College AMC Engineering College Advanced Management College AMC School and PU College AMC College Jayanagar The institution is situated in a 45-acre campus on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. It is accredited by NBA-AICTE.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_Institutions
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0b7457q
  • Type: Organization, Thing, CollegeOrUniversity, EducationalOrganization, Place
  • Result Score: 12.95

AMC Eden Prairie Mall 18

Movie theater in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0lcw_f_
  • Type: Thing, Place
  • Result Score: 12.94

AMC Showplace Springfield 12

Movie theater in Springfield, Illinois

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0k5hhfg
  • Type: Thing, Place, CivicStructure
  • Result Score: 12.74

USS Fulmar (AMc-46)

Accentor-class minesweeper

  • Desc: USS Fulmar (AMc-46) was an Accentor-class coastal minesweeper acquired by the U.S. Navy for the dangerous task of removing mines from minefields laid in the water to prevent ships from passing.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Fulmar_(AMc-46)
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/03c211m
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 12.67
All My Children

All My Children

American television series

Midland Theatre

Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri

  • Desc: The Midland Theatre, known officially for sponsorship purposes as Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland, is a 3,200-seat theater located in the Power & Light District of Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
  • URL: http://midlandkc.com/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midland_Theatre
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/08brvg
  • Type: Thing, Place, LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings, TouristAttraction, CivicStructure, LocalBusiness
  • Result Score: 12.46
Air Mobility Command

Air Mobility Command

Military unit


Musical artist

  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/0xmn3xp
  • Type: Person, Thing
  • Result Score: 12.39



  • Desc: AMC-8, also known as Americom-8 and Aurora III, previously GE-8, is a C-band satellite located at 139° West, covering the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC-8
  • Knowledge graph id: kg:/m/05m_zs6
  • Type: Thing
  • Result Score: 12.38

EFL Trophy

Football competition




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